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  1. You have done a fantastic job

    And thank you again for your assistance..and your team as have done a fantastic job and are true to your word on delivery...even if the customer panics and gets confused...have received all…Read More

    T. Newman, Keiser
  2. The Best

    Panther professional editing services is the best online editing company around. I continue to be satisfied by their quality service and professionalism.…Read More

  3. Professional

    Panther Professional Services is a very relevant and competent editorial service for those writers requiring the expertise of academic and technical writing. The editors with Panther Professional Serv…Read More

    Daniel Goldsmith
  4. So impressed

    “I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!"…Read More

    Ray, Glendale Community College, AZ
  5. Very impressed

    "I was very impressed with the professional manner that our project was treated by your staff. Keep up the good work!"…Read More

    Smith, San Diego, CA
  6. Quick turnaround

    Thank you very much for the quick turnaround and quality work.…Read More

    O.M, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student
  7. I am overly grateful

    I am overly grateful for the superb job that was done in professionally editing my dissertation, and I'm especially glad that you did the final review. I am thankful for being informed of your profess…Read More

    B.B.,Northcentral University graduate student
  8. Thank you for your help

    Thank you for your help for all of us APA challenged individuals.…Read More

    K.S. Northcentral University graduate student
  9. Thank you it is a pleasure working with you

    Thank you it is a pleasure working with you.…Read More

    C.P., Northcentral University graduate student
  10. You guys are really good

    I was looking for a quality editor for my manuscript for publication. I was told to send it to Panther Editing. I am so glad you were there. Now my book is ready to be published. You guys are really g…Read More

    T.L. Author
  11. Thanks for your great service

    Your thorough knowledge of APA helped me get my proposal accepted by my committee and school. Thanks for your great service.…Read More

    Doctoral student, Capella University
  12. Thank you Panther Editing!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent services your company provided for me recently. I needed to have my doctoral dissertation edited. The APA formatting requirements as well …Read More

    M. Keller, Walden University
  13. I have to compliment you

    I have to compliment you. You are good, fast response and customer friendly. I didn't expect that I would get replies on a weekend but I did from your company. This gives me time to work on my PowerPo…Read More

    Wema, Graduate Student, Friends University
  14. Everything is wonderfully smooth in the proposal now

    Everything is wonderfully smooth in the proposal now - thank you so much! I had no idea I had repeated so many verbs so many times! Your editing is well worth the money and my PhD friends are envious …Read More

    J. Carter, Doctoral Learner
  15. I wanted to thank your team for all their work

    I wanted to thank your team for all their work in assisting me in editing my dissertation! On Monday, I successfully defended and was declared doctor.…Read More

    Dr. W. Ellis, University of Memphis
  16. I am looking forward to working with you

    I just got my final paper result and I passed. I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to your coaching and editing team. I am looking forward to working with you on my dissertation process.…Read More

    Roobina Jordan
  17. I could not have completed this learning milestone without your expertise

    I wanted to let you know that I completed my oral defense for my dissertation last Thursday and I am finally done. I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated your profes…Read More

    Dr. Minnie Thompson-Taylor, Capella University
  18. I am so happy!

    I just wanted to let you know that my thesis was approved by my Chief Academic Officer at Walden University. Thank you so much for your help with the editing! I am so happy! It's been a long road! Tha…Read More

    Rosemarie H. Royer, Walden University
  19. You’re the best

    You're the best... I can't thank you enough..…Read More

    Donna, Capella University
  20. Thank you, Eileen

    I am a Ph.D candidate sweating through the dissertation process. With much stress accompanying the daily grind of reading and writing, the last thing I needed to worry about was the page number format…Read More

  21. Thank you for the extensive and thorough services

    Thank you for the extensive and thorough services provided by your agency. Thanks again for your help.…Read More

  22. Thank you for treating me like a special client

    My dissertation chair urged me to seek a professional editor to help ensure my dissertation met APA standards and approval of my University Review Team. I knew that my paper needed some work, but I wa…Read More

    Dr. James B. Fedorek
  23. Thanks again for your assistance

    Thanks again for your assistance, it has truly been invaluable.…Read More

    P.R. Capella University
  24. Thank you for the corrections and your helpfulness!

    Thank you for the corrections and your helpfulness!…Read More

    D.F. Capella University
  25. Thanks again for your help

    Thank you for the extensive and thorough services provided by your agency. Thanks again for your help.…Read More

    S.L. University of Phoenix
  26. You guys are awesome

    Thank you for prompt respond. Wow. Great, you guys are awesome.…Read More

    M.N. University of Ottawa.
  27. Thanks for everything

    I would not even think about it [entering a doctoral program] without Panther. Thanks for everything.…Read More

    P.R.T. Capella
  28. Thanks a million

    I have submitted my proposal thanks to you. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!…Read More

    M.C. Argosy University
  29. Great job with proposal editing

    I am working on a tight budget and would like to stay with Panther since your team did a great job with the proposal editing.…Read More

    R.M. University of Phoenix
  30. High quality, low cost

    Panther Editing provided valuable assistance to me as I prepared my dissertation. The service was low-cost, high quality, and professional. Editing staff were friendly and responded in a timely manner…Read More

    University of Phoenix (Rose Balan)
  31. Very pleased

    How wonderful to have the revisions one day ahead of schedule. Let me say, that after an initial review, I am very pleased with the changes made and am confident that this will meet school standards.…Read More

    AR NCU
  32. Appreciate you

    Thank you for all the work done at Panther on editing the first three chapters of my dissertation. I appreciate all the assistance and the suggestions. S.K.…Read More

    Alliant International University
  33. Thank you so much

    “Dear Kristy of Panther Editing, I wish to acknowledge that I have received the edited document from your company and am reviewing the corrections. Thank you so much for your assistance with my doct…Read More

    L. H., University of Phoenix
  34. Best wishes

    “Wow Kristy, what an amazing response time! Thanks for helping me out. Best wishes”…Read More

    C. M., Dallas Baptist University
  35. Valuable support

    “Thanks a lot to Panther's editing team who gives me an ongoing valuable support.”…Read More

    A. M., Northcentral University
  36. Extremely pleased

    “I just wanted to let you know that I received the edits in time and was extremely pleased with the work. I have passed along the name of your company to everyone that I know in the doctoral process…Read More

    T. T., Capella University
  37. Looks great

    Thank you so much!!! It look great and I hope I can finally move forward to proposal defense with this. Please tell the editors THANK YOU SO MUCH!…Read More

    J.W., Argosy University
  38. So glad

    “I am so glad to have found Panther Professional Services. I have been working on my dissertation for 3 years now and could not get my proposal approved. Then I used your coaching services and I am …Read More

    P. B., Northcentral University
  39. Thank you all

    “I am finally in the last stage of my proposal being approved. Thank you for all the help you have given me. I will be coming back for more help in a couple months after I finish chapters 4 and 5 of…Read More

    C. C., University of Phoenix
  40. Professionalism and Experience

    I should have engaged PPS's coaching services much earlier.  I would be further along if I would have engaged Dr. Driver as a dissertation coach during the concept paper. Instead, I waited until near…Read More

    Ken B. North Central University

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