siteimage5Panther Academic Editing’s proofreading services include reviewing your document for grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, spelling, verb tenses, tone, and sentence structure.

Proofreading is typically regarded as the final step before publication. So, your document would have already been edited thoroughly. Nevertheless, having a professional proofread and edit your thesis or research paper ensures that you present your best work.

Send your document to us and make sure it’s ready for publication or distribution. We’ll use our experience to finesse your writing, bringing out clarity and smoothness in your prose. We offer editing services for doctoral papers, research and academic thesis, PhD theses, literature reviews and more.

Most editing services devote only a few minutes to proofreading, hoping to catch any glaring errors that are obvious or “jump off” the page. Trust us to do the final proofreading of your document and rest assured that we will catch any mistakes that are commonly overlooked.

Submit your document today for proofreading services and relax knowing that your document is in good hands.

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