As a Six Sigma culture, we have a unique editing process that ensures the highest quality editing services are provided.

The process for academic copy editing involves having all documents reviewed by three different editors (a primary, a secondary, and a final reviewer). Documents can be submitted 24/7, right here through our online portal.

Our standard FULL editing services include correcting for grammar, spelling, punctuation, smoothness of expression, tense verification, anthropomorphism, style guidelines, and cross-checking in-text citations with reference list citations and vice versa.

Our editors also correct various common errors including representation of numbers, capitalization, use of hyphens, headings, removal of bias, removal of jargon, and so forth. We verify that the references are complete.

When following APA 7th edition style guidelines, we verify DOI numbers.

Finally, we make sure that all documents follow your particular style, formatting, and school guidelines.  Based on years of experience in academic editing, Panther Academic Editing goes one step further and reviews the content of your essay and make revisions and suggestions for clarity where necessary.

Once editing is complete, we return a Markup version and Final version to you. Additionally, you will receive a change-summary PDF with your edited documents, which provides a summary and checklist of all work completed.

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